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 NEW  Seattle Jul 08

Visit Molly & Co, Mt Rainier, and UoW.

Halloween Oct 06

Trick-or-treating + Visit to the Zoo.

Cottage Jul 06

Pics from our trip up North to Canada.

Hail Storm Apr 06

The skies get angry over Kansas.

Christmas Letter 2005

Wishing you all the best for Christmas and New Years.

Christmas Day Pictures (12/25/05)

All of the pictures from Christmas in one neat page.

Pictures of 2005 (12/4/05)

All of the pictures from 2005 in one neat page.

A Star is Born ! (4/14/05)

Gaby sings and dance on stage at the school's year-end production.

Day with Thomas (10/1/04)

Gaby meets the really useful engine.

Sarah's HGTV Corner

Sarah is working hard to improve the house.


Lots of pictures to see here.

Etienne's Computer Game

Etienne has decided to learn how to program computer games. You can follow his progress


The Funny Stuff

Over the years, you have sent us a lot of funny jokes, pics and movies.

Here are the better ones for your viewing pleasure.

Michel's Junk (Planes, Helicopters, and UT)

This page is reserved for Michel's hobbies including airplanes, helicopters and computer gaming.

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Molly and Matt have a web site. Go check out the cute baby pictures of Miles, the newest addition to the family.

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