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 NEW!  Gaby on Stage (Apr 05)


Gaby's lifetime dream comes true: she is a star!

Well, thanks to Sarah and the school staff, Gaby participated

in the school show this year and did well. Certainly Mom and Dad

were more nervous than she was. Of course, there were a couple

of classic "Gaby moments" (like peeking at the crowd through

the slit in the middle of the curtains), but all in all, we had

a good time.


The whole gang (Gaby is in the back and can't be seen)


Find the Gaby

What's over there?

High Note?

Wish I could dance too!

My turn to dance.

Hi Mom!

I'm a Star!

Tra La La!




Day with Thomas the Tank Engine (Oct 04)


We drive to OKC so that Gaby can meet the really useful engine.


Here comes Thomas!


Gaby Makes Hay.

Thomas #1 Fans


How Many People does it take to fix a wire?

Girls in the Caboose

Inside the Caboose

Ready to go!

Where are we going?


Gaby, Sir Top & Thomas.




Wichita Air Show (Sep 04)


Sky Writing

Gaby Dwarfed by the Cargo Airplane




Gaby asked to go flying in the Blackhawk.

Etienne considering a career in trucking.

Another ontime delivery with FedEx.

Gaby's favourite part of the Airshow.




Family Reunion at the Cottage (Jul 04)


Our family reunion was on Hurd's Lake in Ontario.


Celebrated some birthdays: Dad's 80th & Jack's 50th, and the Twins 2nd!


Click HERE for the pictures.



Grandpa comes for a visit (May 04)


Grandpa stopped by for a month-long visit.





Christmas (Dec 03)


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Gaby's Birthday Party (Dec 03)


Gaby had a few friends over for a party!