Photo Gallery


Thanksgiving Trip to Chicago (Nov 03)

We all went to Chicago for Thanksgiving. Etienne and Gaby were thrilled to see their cousins, and Michel got to meet his newest nephew Miles. Note: Michel shamelessly "lifted" most of these pictures from Matt and Molly's web site. (hey, they were better!)



Halloween (Oct 03)





Mini-Golf (Sep 03)

No skill required. Just plain fun!




Summer Pics in Chicago (Aug 03)

Sarah took the kids to the zoo one last time before school starts, and we all went to the Circus last weekend. Gaby's favourite show were the gymnasts on the trapeze with their "glow-in-the-dark" costumes. "Bravo! Bravo!" She had a lot of fun set in an environment where she could be as loud as she wanted to be!





Chicago Vacation 2003

Sarah took the kids to Chicago to visit the family! Yip, all by herself with the two charmers and a handful of movies, she trekked all the way out there. Etienne stayed with Grandpa and Grandma which he truly enjoyed very much, and Amy and Phil graciously hosted Sarah and Gaby. Between playing with the cousins (Alex and Katie), the outings to the zoo, downtown and at Brewster's, the kids were very sorry to go indeed.





4th of July 2003 Downtown for the Fireworks

Here, we rented a room at the Hilton downtown giving us the best seats in the house, a sound proofed room for Gaby who is still apprehensive at the noise of the fireworks, no worries about the traffic, and a pool for the kids to cool off in. A good time was had by all!



4th of July 2003 at the Wichita Zoo


Who's the monkey?

No, you can't take it home!

He's an Animal!


After (yip, it's hot in Wichita!)




Learjet Fun Fly (Jun 03)
Our Learjet Flight Operations group organizes once a year a "fun fly" giving the opportunity for kids to get their introduction to flying in airplanes. The pilots were really nice, and even made arrangement to find an enclosed cessna for Gaby to go fly in (we were not too keen in her being by herself in the cockpit of a biplane). She enjoyed her flight very much, and reminded the pilot a number of times to "fasten your seat belt for take-off". The pilot even let Etienne take the controls and do a couple of turns. Afterwards, Etienne got a ride in Stearman (the blue biplane) and was very excited by the open-air cockpit, the steep turns and the sensation of pulling a few "G's".