2005 Photo Gallery


Thanksgiving (Nov 05)



The kids get dirty and cook!





Halloween (Oct 05)





Family Reunion (Aug 05)





Seattle (Jul 05)


Various Pictures


Ferry Ride to the Island


Scenes at the Beach


Outings around Seattle


Downtown Seattle



Gaby on Stage (Apr 05)


Gaby's lifetime dream comes true: she is a star!

Well, thanks to Sarah and the school staff, Gaby participated

in the school show this year and did well. Certainly Mom and Dad

were more nervous than she was. Of course, there were a couple

of classic "Gaby moments" (like peeking at the crowd through

the slit in the middle of the curtains), but all in all, we had

a good time.


The whole gang (Gaby is in the back and can't be seen)


Find the Gaby

What's over there?

High Note?

Wish I could dance too!

My turn to dance.

Hi Mom!

I'm a Star!

Tra La La!




Wichita's Cowtown (May 05)





Gaby's School Party (May 05)






Miscellaneous (Jan-May 05)


I'm taller!

I'm in Control (?)



Michel & Russ

Sarah makes her point

What I want for Xmas