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What Army Recruitment does not want you to know.





Killer Biscuits...


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Mountain Bike Advert gone Wrong


Reportedly, this ad appeared in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on

Thursday June 17th 1998.The unfortunate photographic illusion was quickly

noticed (look at the bike seat) and action was taken to correct the

advertisement, but not before the image made it to the news-stand...

(They should not have used a bike seat that was tan in colour.)

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New Canadian Forces Decorations


For those of us who served in the CF, we know that there are very few

of us get a decoration, not unlike our southern cousins who get

decorated for the simplest of tasks. Apparently, the CF

have decided to remedy this situation.

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Is the new HUMMER2 Safe?


Not sure this is funny, but certainly eye-opening.

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Work Safety Awards


"Safety Sam" would have a fit!

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Hmmm... Sarah finds this one crude, but I couldn't resist.

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Bad Haircut


"My sister-in law is from Oklahoma and has a slight accent. She has cats and
when she lived in the south she would take them to the groomers and have
what is called a Line Cut. To her a line cut is when all of the fur hanging
down below the cat's tummy is taken off (because it gets matted or snarled).

When she moved to Chicago with my brother, one of the cats fur got all
tangled up during the move so she took it in for a line cut. She was quite
surprised when she heard the price as it was twice
as much as it was down south. She confirmed with the groomer that he
understood what a line cut was and he said "yes, I know what a LION cut is."

It seems her accent came out sounding like LION not LINE and this is how her
cat was returned to her. (see PHOTOS) She cried for a week...but not as much

as the cat. This incident happened during November in Chicago and

the cat needed all the fur it had."
Gas to go to groomer $4.50
Cat car carrier     $32.99
Grooming fee      $80.00
Getting the look from one seriously pissed off cat... Priceless!

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