Happy Holidays!


            2005 has been a fun & exciting year in the K-17 household  - full of family, friends and new challenges for all.

            Over the summer we logged some significant air time as well as road time as we visited various members of Sarah’s family.  First, it was off to Seattle to visit Sarah’s sister and her family.  We took a ferry, went to museums and the aquarium, checked out some beaches on Lake Union and Puget Sound and generally had a fantastic time.  Just days after arriving home it was time to hit the road again for Illinois and Sarah’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary celebration.  We enjoyed sunny, sultry weather and a packed house full of family members from all over the country.

            On the work/school front, it’s been a year of change for everyone.  Michel started a new job, Etienne started high school, Gaby started middle school and Sarah started planning her nervous breakdown…

            Michel was promoted to manager this year (still in Project Planning & Control) at Learjet and is enjoying the added responsibilities.  Of course, it all comes at a cost – in other words, a lot of hard work and little free time (I’m pretty sure he got more sleep when the kids were babies than he does now….).

             After a rigorous selection process last spring, Etienne is now a freshman in the International Baccalaureate program at East High.  The decision to participate in this program has required a certain amount of sacrifice on Etienne’s part – including leaving behind his neighborhood school and all his friends, extra homework (o.k. – lots of extra homework), and a 2 hour round trip commute on the bus to school everyday.  We are very proud of Etienne for accepting this challenge.  So far, he’s joined both the community service and the french clubs at school and is doing great!

          Gaby has gotten off to a surprisingly smooth start in middle school.  Sarah goes with her every day, which has made it possible for Gaby to be in regular classes for Math, P.E., and even Band!  She’s doing well in all her subjects – she even got the highest score in the class on her last 2 math tests and was moved up from the beginning to the intermediate group in band.  She loves playing her clarinet and was very excited about her first band concert.

            Now that you know what everyone else is doing,, you can fill in the blanks to figure out how Sarah spends her time (yes, that’s right – watching HBO and eating bon bons!).  We hope you and your family have enjoyed a happy, healthy 2005 and we wish you all the best in the new year. 


Merry Christmas from Michel, Sarah, Etienne and Gaby!